Integrating BPM with DMAIC

Many businesses have been hit hard by the recession, but a positive aspect of the economic downturn was that it encouraged companies to take a look at their processes in order to identify areas of waste and inefficiency that previously went unnoticed.

Business process management (BPM) software can be extremely helpful for companies launching Lean Six Sigma programs and taking the five-step DMAIC approach: define, measure, analyze, improve and control.

The first step calls for the methodical identification and capture of the current system and problems therein. BPM software can help with this, as well as the data collection component that comprises the measurement step.

From there, a company can begin analyzing the data collected to determine the root causes of high expenditures, compromised quality and other issues. After underlying obstacles to savings and efficiency have been identified, the process improvement process can really begin. Bringing in a Lean Six Sigma consultant may be helpful in terms of coming up with solutions.

The last step, control, is all about ensuring continuous improvement, keeping costs low and quality high. 

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