Texas city enjoys continued process improvement success

Thanks to the Strong America Now pledge and campaigns for the upcoming 2012 presidential election, Lean Six Sigma has become a buzz word for enacting process improvement in government.

However, one Texas city has been using the methodology to streamline its processes since George W. Bush was president, Technorati reports.

According to the news source, the city of Irving has been able to use Lean Six Sigma to save $30 million, perform services more quickly, establish and maintain a culture of cooperation between departments and give time back to workers.

"We've eliminated 37,000 hours of wasted time for our employees, which really helps their morale as well as performance," said city manager Tommy Gonzalez, as quoted by the media outlet.

In April of last year, Gonzalez testified in support of a bill proposing the adoption of Lean Six Sigma by agencies in the state as a method of increasing efficiency and reducing costs, according to Irving Weekly.

"We all realize something has to change, and I know Lean Six Sigma can be the answer," said Gonzales at the time, as quoted by the news source. 

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