Motorized Window Treatments For Your Home

For some homeowners, a motorized or remote controlled window blinds and shades may be a convenient window treatment option for them. Think about not needing to get out of bed to keep the sunlight out when you feel like snoozing on a lazy Saturday. Sounds great, right? Nonetheless, if a motorized blinds or shade doesn’t appeal to you, you can Discover More Affordable Blinds in the market.

Technology is now altering not only the way we think regarding window treatments but also on the manner of how it is installed as well. Technology as well as its influence on window systems and its materials, has given homeowners a broad array of functionality preferences that were unavailable in the past. This gives homeowners more control over the environment inside the home.

Additionally, the materials used to create window blinds and shades, such as the fabric used, can offer more protection from UV rays from the sun, create several levels of privacy, keep or keep out heat, and avoid air conditioning from getting out of the room.

Window blinds and shades with a remote system now allows homeowners to open and shut window treatments with one click of a button, even from their phones.

With so numerous window treatment options available in the market today, choosing functionality over design may be difficult. However, with as complicated as the process of decision-making may seem to be, most homeowners are more inclined to choose a simpler style, ditching ostentatious patterns and colors to have a smoother and softer look while not compromising functionality.

So, what are the different motorized window blinds and shades to choose from? Here’s a quick look.

The simplest option is the Battery Powered motorized blinds. Instead of it being attached to a cord, these blinds have a tube mounted up top that raises the shade up. The battery fits above that connects to a motor for power. Not to worry, the placement of the battery and motor makes them unnoticeable. Installation is easy and won’t need any outlet space, but make sure to have extra batteries when it needs replacement.

If replacing batteries may seem like a nuisance, then a hardwired motorized blind is an alternative. There are numerous types of motors that can work with varied voltages, needless to say, an outlet must be accessible. Furthermore, for most hardwired blinds, you’ll need the expertise on an electrician.

Want to it to be eco-friendlier, opt for a Solar Powered window treatment. You will, of course, be needing a solar panel system which you’ll set up at the back of the shade fronting the sun to catch the sunlight. The unit then attaches to the motor similar to your battery powered and hardwired alternatives.