Technology Crimes You Have To Be Aware Of

Modern technology has already become part of our lives. But, offenders frequently use a computer system to commit crimes by exploiting the vulnerability of cybersecurity. If people are missing out on knowledge about security for computer networks, you may encounter online fraudsters.

Offenders who are caught are facing jail time can still post bond money in exchange for temporary freedom.

The police ask the community and the people as a whole to be alert and avoid the risk of potential technical crime. When criminals use the computer as their tool to commit a crime, these crimes are treated as traditional crimes. Different kinds of technology-related crimes are shared here so that the general public could take preventive measures.

Note: Crimes done by the use of a computer or the internet are considered technology crimes or cyber crimes

Technology Crime – Crimes In The Digital Age

Social Networking Catch Online

Technology rapidly advances day after day, Technology has become a tool that allows people to communicate regardless of age, gender, or status in the community. People, young or old makes use of the internet, email, social media sites, chat, and messaging applications to connect with family and friends, share intimate details, and make new friends despite the distance.

Criminals will do the same, befriend you and eventually gain your trust. When this happens they scam you into a social networking scheme.

Deception in Social Media

Hackers use illegally obtained login names, e-mail addresses, and passwords to log in to social networking accounts. Then, they start using these accounts and send fraudulent messages to the list of contacts. They may be asking them to buy a virtual card or reload the card instead.

The Attack of Ransomware

Ransomware is a harmful program that stops or prevents users from opening computer systems. It shuts down the computer screen or encrypts computer files and asks for a ransom in return.

Email Scams

Most common are email scams that some criminals use to send a suspicious email to the victim. Once the victim opens the attachment, the victim’s computer gets infected by some kind of malicious program that may copy sensitive information from your database spy on your logins to sensitive information.