The Best New Technologies In Cars

Imagine a car that understands your needs. Nearly all are in the sphere of basic safety, however, many are a real comfort. Generally, featured revolutionary functions through the producers are available on more expensive vehicles as choices and ultimately trickle right down to more affordable automobiles because the price is reduced, recognition improves and needs increases.

New car technologies are varied from the installation of sensitive sensors, self-driving capabilities, augmented reality which includes learning how to change batteries (check out for battery reviews fit for your car) or recharge batteries and so on, augmented reality driving, and car to x communication.

Must Watch – Top New Car Technologies

  1. Gesture Control from Volkswagen introduces the car that understands your gestures. The functionalities of the car are sensitive to gestures including the car’s music and windshield capabilities.
  2. Self-driving cars from Mercedes Benz. The company, Mercedes Benz is the leading car manufacturer when it comes to autonomous driving. In 2013, the company completed the first ever long-distance autonomous drive on country roads and through inter-city traffic in Germany. The self-driving technology is still being perfected in order to understand road conditions. Armed with built-in cameras, 8-radar systems, GPS monitors, the auto driver cars gets important information from its environment and processes this info within just a split second. The combination of technology geared into cars will enable self-driving cars into reality.
  3. Augmented Reality by Hyundai. Using your smartphone or your tablet you can point your device under the hood and you can easily learn how to add coolant, change your oil, or even change your air filter. Inside the car, it shows you what those warning lights are for or what those warning signs really mean. It’s loaded with great how-to information.
  4. Car to X Communication. With the help of this technology, information about the dangers ahead of the road can be exchanged between vehicles allowing a look around the corner or behind obstacles. In the process, the vehicle acts as both transmitter and receiver. Various critical situations are automatically detected by the vehicle and directly reported to the Mercedes Benz cloud. The driver can also send a warning manually.
  5. Augmented Reality Driving Enhancing. The augmented reality provides three features on highways – navigation, adaptative cruise control, and lane keeping assist.